I have studied textile design at Paris school Ensaama and Ensad, in the early 2000s. already passionate about second-hand clothes, I already prefered working on existing fabrics to rework them.
over the years, I specialized about textile creation, in different creation fields, mostly technical like textiles for automotive industry or sport.
then I've decided to fo back to Ensad school to teach while establishing my creation studio, called Excla.
those experiences allowed me to define a versatile method : color, patterns and materials are in the center of a more global action. the three subjects give meaning to the creations, to products, to spaces… words too. the story as a link for projects.
in love with travels which are always linked to my creative practice, I mostly enjoy east Europe and Asia, but my workshop is based in north of France in Lille.
if you are fond of one of the unique creation but it has already been sold, contact me : I can rework something for you. you can also provide me one of your scarf so that I create a specific design for you.
Lauriane Beaunier