Addenda — Plural of addendum :
an item of additional material added at the end of a book or other publication.

as a result of an intensive production from the 70's till today, millions of final products made of textiles - scarves, clothes - seem to be unusable, useless . in reality, people don't care about them anymore. they are still useful, they are not used, but they lack of something to compete with their current competitors, who follow the global trends.
here is the question : how to accomodate with the everlasting newness of fashion and the political reality ? shall we participate to this infernal spiral ? shall we continue to amplify this too much excessive production ? that's a question for consumers, but also to creators. I don't want to be sanctimonious nor creating new basics looking like existing basics...
I still want to innovate, create, write stories, to have fun in everyday life. fashion and accessories are a perfect medium which make sense. it's a wide field of investigation.

the scarves picking took place all along the meetings, flea markets and antics, travels, they are all second hands.
the question of beauty and ugliness is ubiquitous in the project, debatable, cultural and individual… those accessories seemed to be flat and old-fashioned but were presenting some qualities, like a color detail, an specific subject, an interesting shape and material. I chose them because they needed to be complemented.
the Addenda project is a composition act : I give them a new attractiveness, a second life, a new story. I take the necessary time to reconsider them, to find how to reanimate existing colors, create new graphic elements to enrich them, to mask something or to highlight some precise details.
then I rework straight on each scarf, placing each element by hand, unit per unit to print them.
from then, each scarf depicts a new graphic bias, it tells a new story, it starts a second life. they are now numbered and unique.

once completed, I add a text, a poem, a title, a new start...