the scarves are founded in a flea market or in the grand-mother's basement and selected because they are flat, unfinished or outdated...
a specific process is set up : each scarf is then photographed, analysed, deeply watched.
I imagine how to transform it, which new story I'd like to give him, which graphic identity I want to apply to this scarf.
each action is done in a workshop, new saturated colors, gradient effects, thin details are added. Everything seems possible to me and step by step, each scarfs is transformed.
the ink is from now deeply in the material itself which allows to continue to watch it normally (washer 30°) and makes the action permanent.
its industrial perfection has been modified, some irregularity can be noticed, it's not perfect anymore. the result inspires me a text, a story, a title anybody will make its own.
a woven label is suggested, it's numbered by hand and it can be sawn on each creation.
To create the package to protect each scarf, I recycle paper I've used to print it. it's obvious to reuse them and share the paper too, to give him a longer life too.